2 ½ Axis Milling

The ProCAM II machining cycles generate optimized toolpaths for enhanced 2½ axis milling. Simulation, associative operations, and integrated feeds/speeds tables are examples of the easy-to-use tools provided to assist the programmer.


ProCAM 2 ½ Axis Milling cycles include pocketing, profile, drill plunge roughing, Z wall definition, free form cutting and drilling. Machining algorithms use the latest toolpath and gouge protection methods. Cutting cycles provide fast, error-free toolpaths using ball, flat end mill, taper, corner round, thread mill and hog nose tools.

Tombstone, Rotary/Tilt Table Support

Multi-plane machining allows easy implementation of tombstone work.
Subroutines; fixture, work coordinate, and work and sub coordinates offsets.
Horizontal milling machine viewing option.

Additional Features and Tools

Toolpath creation and code generation is intuitive with a full range of easy-to-use tools.

*  Tree-based operations management includes moving, copying, saving and
    inserting repetitive operations.
*  Tool Library representing all the tools in your current inventory. Define tools only
    once, not at every turret change.
*  Fast, fully integrated material cutting simulation uses a solid model to display
    material removal process and compare work in process and part model.
*  Integrated Feed/Speed Library has modifiable database containing over 1.7
    million feed/speed combinations representing over 1100 materials. Calculates
    feeds and speeds automatically.

Included with TekSoft Products

ProCAM and CAMWorks provide numerous integrated features, visual tools and standalone utilities to improve productivity including the following:

Integrated Toolpath Verification

ProCAM II and CAMWorks include a fully integrated, fast material cutting simulation that can reduce the need for dry runs at the machine tool.