Software Utilities

The software on this page is either included with the ProCAM and CAMWorks products or can be purchased separately as indicated.

Fabrication Nesting Software

Nest your Punch, Laser, or Mill parts to maximize material usage.

TekSofts G Code Post Processor Generator

Create your Own Custom Post Processors.

Integrated Feed/Speed Library

The integrated Feed/Speed Library has a modifiable database containing over 1.7 million combinations representing over 1100 materials. ProCAM and CAMWorks can access this library to automatically calculate feeds and speeds.

Universal Post Generator

Standard post processors are provided with ProCAM and CAMWorks that support virtually any CNC machine tool. The quality NC code that is generated can be optimized for your facility's machines and production methods with the Universal Post Generator (UPG), which is a standalone utility included with ProCAM and CAMWorks. The easy-to-use graphical interface of the UPG is designed so users can quickly customize post processors to generate edit-free code for their machining environment.

Raster To Vector Conversion Software

Convert your Bitmap Pictures into Vector CAD Drawings.

Integrated Feeds and Speeds Library

A Feeds and Speeds Library Database with over 1100 Materials.

Predator CNC G-Code Editing Software

Edit, Backplot, Transmit and Receive G Code.

Predator CNC Editor

The Predator CNC Editor is a standalone application that includes:
  *  CNC Editor - dozens of CNC intelligent editing commands, Microsoft
â Word
      compatible menus, toolbar, and shortcut keys.
  *  File Compare - Integrated file compare with synchronized scrolling and line by line
      edit/change review.
  *  DNC - Send, receive, and DNC to any RS-232 compatible CNC machine. Works in
      the background even while other software applications are running. Supports an
      unlimited number of different CNC machines with appropriate hardware.
  *  Backplotter - Graphically verify CNC code by quickly backplotting any CNC program
      in a true 3D environment.
  *  Supports 1-4 viewports, eight predefined views, zoom in, zoom out, pan and fit.
  *  Print any view and quickly add graphics to your setup sheets.

INDSCO does not provide Technical or Phone support if you decide to use the UPG Software.  We will However, provide on site training service , to teach you how to create custom posts.


Did you know,  there is a Universal Post Processor Generator that is included with your Teksoft Software. Its on your Teksoft CD and when installing your software you can choose the Universal Post Generator to install it.

This UPG software will allow you to make your own Post Processors for your Milling and Turning Machines.

Latest Rev,  3-29-2005     17.5 Meg

Training Exercises are included in the UPG Software and shows you how to use the UPG software to Create new posts to generate the code the way you want.  BE ADVISED that you cannot take an existing post processor and edit these with the UPG software.

Click the UPG button below, to download the latest version of the Universal Post Generator.