2D/3D Modeling

ProCAM II includes 2D/3D wireframe and complex surface modeling capabilities.

2D/3D Wireframe Modeling

*  User defined coordinates allow the user to move the zero point to the dimension
    datum of each construction view and work in a horizontal/vertical (X,Y) frame of
*  Enhanced accurate picking feature.
*  All CAD and CAM entities can be scaled, translated, mirrored and rotated. CAD
    entities can be trimmed, segmented, filleted, chamfered, and extended.
*  Dimensioning supports aligned and uni-directional linear dimensions, as well as
    ordinate, baseline, datum, diametric, and radial dimensions.
*  Support for English and metric units, fractions and other dimensioning styles.

Surface Modeling

*  Supports multiple surface creation methods: swept, ruled, plane, offset, surface of
    revolution, four-curve (Coon's patch), three-curve, constant and variable radius fillet,
    complex surface and two-surface blend.
*  Provides tools for easy manipulation of surfaces, either as a single surface or a
*  Projects 2D or 3D entities onto any surface for engraving and free form cutting.
*  Supports the calculation of an infinite number of surface intersections.
*  Separates the core and cavity on parts designed with thickness included.
*  Interfaces with Open GL graphics cards for interactively generating high speed, high
    quality surface shading. Allows dynamic pan, zoom and rotate of shaded models.