What's New in ProCAM II 2004

Features and Enhancements

Check out just a few of the other features and enhancements in ProCAM 2004.

Importing CAD Data

*  New DXF and DWG translators read drawings and solid models from other CAD 
    systems that support DXF and DWG files up to AutoCAD 2005 and provide more
    flexibility over which entities are imported.
*  The IGES translator now reads IGES 5.3 files that include Manifold Solid B-Rep Object
    (MSBO) entities and the associated entity types. The speed for reading IGES files
    has also been increased.

User Interface / Usability

*  Part information dialog box displays versions, dates, users, country ID, language, OS
    and CPU.
*  Save As, Open and Insert dialog boxes display folder panel and most recently used
    folder list box for quicker navigation.
*  Automatic file compression reduces part file size and speeds up opening and saving

Automatic File Backup Option

*  ProCAM II can automatically create a backup file when a .pcii file is saved. Backup
    files are saved in a user-defined folder.

Surface Machining

Arc fitting option for Adv. 3 Axis Rough, Flat Area and Z-Level results in:

*  Reduced NC code.
*  Smoother, more accurate toolpaths.
*  Higher feed rates, greater machining accuracy and extended NC machine tool life. *  Faster Advanced 3 Axis cutting for all parts, especially larger and more complex 
*  Pocket in - Core option for Adv. 3 Axis Roughing allows rough pocketing from the
    outside inward on core areas.