Solids Machining

With the Solids Machining option, ProCAM II becomes a state-of-the-art intelligent CAM solution using Automatic Feature Recognition coupled with knowledge-based machining technology to further automate the programming process.

Automatic and Interactive Feature Recognition

Solids Machining is a feature-based machining CAM system that provides the ability to automatically recognize many prismatic features including tapers. Automatic Feature Recognition (AFR) analyzes the part shape and attempts to define the most common machinable features such as pockets, bosses, holes and slots.

AFR recognizes features on native SolidWorks part models or on solid parts imported via IGES, SAT, etc.

Solids Machining provides an Interactive Feature wizard for defining features that are not recognized automatically or features that are not recognized the way you want to machine them.

Machining Operations

After machinable features have been defined, the user can generate an Operation Plan to machine the features on the part. Machining operations include roughing, finishing, drilling, etc. Operations are associated to machinable features.

Knowledge-Based Machining

TekSoft’s proprietary TechDB, a Microsoft Access database, is the intelligence behind the machining automation in CAMWorks. Using Knowledge-Based Machining technology, the tooling, cutting conditions, and operation defaults are associated with the features defined by Automatic Feature Recognition (AFR) and the operations are generated automatically. The toolpath is then calculated. To further enhance the automation process, the knowledge-based rules in the TechDB are fully customizable to represent your current machining environment.

Machining Modules

ProCAM Solids is available in a variety of configurations so you can purchase what you need now and add to your system as your business grows.

½ Axis Milling

ProCAM Solids 2 ½ Axis Milling includes automatic roughing, finishing, thread milling and single point (drilling, boring, reaming and tapping) cycles for machining two-dimensional prismatic features.

3 Axis Milling

ProCAM Solids handles several types of machining methods: complex multiple axis, automatic Z-level roughing and automatic finishing including planer, flowline, spiral, circular and Z-level machining cycles.

2 and 4 Axis Turning

ProCAM Solids Turning module includes automatic roughing, finishing, threading, grooving and single point (drilling, boring, reaming and tapping) cycles.