is a total solution package that includes a user friendly CAD application and optional modules for Punch, Plasma, Laser, Mill, Turning and Wire EDM. CNC part programs can be generated easily using a full range of intuitive CAD/CAM tools. Integrated CAD, standard file translators and a wide variety of methods for toolpath generation help automate the programming process.


ProCAM Fabrication software is the solution for successful sheet metal manufacturers worldwide. Model parts using ProCAM’s powerful CAD tools or import from DWG, DXF, or IGES. Each CAM module provides tools for fast, efficient toolpath creation for virtually any punch, plasma, laser, waterjet and combination machine. Automatic unfolding and true shape, parts in parts, nesting complete the ProCAM suite of fabrication software.


ProCAM Punch features automatic tool fitting, tab/micro-joint support, optimization, automatic repositioning, and a fully integrated tool library for standard and user defined tools. Support is provided for the special requirements of hydraulic ram machines and for reading and modifying native Amada CAM files.


ProCAM Plasma/Laser also supports waterjet, torch, and knife cutting. Standard features include full toolpath leadin/leadout control and multiple corner options. For today’s demanding laser machining requirements, advanced features such open area avoidance create safe and efficient toolpaths.

2, 4 and C-Axis Turning

ProCAM Turning has the power to handle the demands of today's turning machines including multi-turret, multi-spindle, mill/turn machines. Cycles include turning, facing, grooving, boring, threading and cut off cycles. Reduce first-article lead time by analyzing cutter insert shapes, material conditions, and finish part requirements for each tool path. Visually verify the part at any stage of the process through final form.

2D Mill

ProCAM 2D Mill is a 2 ½ axis milling module with automatic roughing and finishing cycles. Associative toolpaths and machining information allow toolpaths to be automatically updated as changes are made to the operation information. When using pocketing and profiling routines for roughing and finishing simple or complex parts, part integrity is assured by gouge avoidance checking and correction. Unlimited, user-definable islands are supported. Part features such as ribs and bosses can be represented as islands for cleanup and finish passes.

2-4 Axis Wire EDM

ProCAM Wire EDM is a programming module with 2 through 4 axis modeling and cutting. Two axis parts can be modeled with constant or variable tapered angles with numerous user-defined corner transitions. Toolpaths can be generated using finishing and skim cutting cycles.

Integrated Standard File Translators in ProCAM

ProCAM 2D includes translators for exchanging drawings between ProCAM and other CAD systems. The following translators are integrated into ProCAM 2D:

  *  IGES
  *  DXF
  *  DWG (import)
  *  CADL (import)
ProCAM 2D Products

User Friendly CAD / CAM Solutions for 2D Modeling and Machining

See Demo of Verification
( 2.8 minutes )

2D Mill Demo

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Punch Demo using
Microjoints or Shaker
Tabs ( 5 Minutes )

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Punch Demo showing you how to draw and punch a panel.
( 12.5 minutes )