ProCAM Nesting is a library of fast, fully automatic, true-shape nesting algorithms. Simple, easy to use tools insure optimal material utilization, reducing design-to-manufacture turnaround time. Typical applications include sheet metal cutting (using flame, laser or plasma) and 2.5 axis milling.

Grain direction control for part and sheet.

Priority support for nesting critical parts.
Fast, efficient algorithms display results on screen as soon as they are finished.
Part and sheet definition in .DXF and/or TekSoft .PRT file format.

True-shape nesting.
 Multiple sheet nesting.

 Automatic recognition of repeated layouts.
 Supports rectangular or irregular sheets with or without holes.

Minimum System Requirements

Platform: Intel ® Pentium ® III or AMD Athlon™
256MB RAM (512 MB recommended)
200MB free hard drive space
32MB OpenGL Graphics Card with True Color
Resolution: 1024x768 (Small Fonts)
CD-ROM drive
Windows 2000 or XP

Irregular shape stock with parts-in -parts nesting

Interactive selection with machine or system compensation, direction, and clearance.
Parts-in-parts nesting.
Rectangular nesting.

Choice of area or perimeter based sequencing of parts.
Nesting direction control for each sheet.
Filler parts for extra material utilization and filler parts on last sheet option.